My Experience with Essential Oils

patriciah coelMy name is Patricia Cole and essential oils are already a must in all my daily beauty routines. Not only are they therapeutic, they also have numerous health benefits. I especially love the fact that they have medicinal features too; you would be surprised at the so many solutions to most skin issues that Mother Nature has to offer. I had only stumbled on these wonderful products a few months back.

Back then, I have always had problems with permanently relieving my face of acne and an itchy scalp. My friends were always worried about the state of my health as I always looked like someone who was ill.

There was this particular time in school when I showed up with a clean, acne free and spotless face (I had used this stuff I got my bestie gave to me), I suddenly became the envy of all but all that glitz and glamour didn’t last as I hoped it would. My face was covered with acne after just three days, perhaps more than it was before. I was really devastated, just when I thought I had won my face from the cruel acne monster, it came surging again and knocked me flat on my face.

The only thing I did for a month or two searched the internet for viable, durable solutions, all to no avail. My self-esteem was plummeting fast, real fast. I had issues with socializing; the only way I could was through social media. Giving up had seemed like the only option I had left, my last trump card was when after going through my twitter timeline, I came across this article on the use of essential oils. Out of curiosity, I checked it out and alas, that was it.  I had always made up my mind not to try anything else if this didn’t work out as planned. How wrong I was!

It has been 365 days and counting since I had to wear a face cap to hide my face (asides from the harmful rays of the sun) and feel ashamed. It took a while before I got the ultimate result I wanted but it was worth the wait. Not only do I still use these oils for bath, beauty purposes like reducing cellulite and wrinkles, it also helps with me over health problems too. There are days I tend to have serious headaches, usually, after a hectic day, all I use is a combination of two or more essential oils and I feel renewed almost immediately. Even the occasional bruises my boyfriend gets from the guy stuff he does at home occasionally, it works magic with that too.

So far, I have had no regrets, whatsoever, with using essential oils. If I were to compare with most artificially made and over priced products manufactured these days, they get a 20 over 10 from me. Funny thing though is that they are relatively cheap and will not cause a strain in your pocket, they are worth every penny, indeed they are.

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