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what are the best essential oils for Dermatitis

Maintaining healthy and beautiful skin isn’t always easy – just a small percentage of people is blessed with having a low-maintenance skin that always shines with a youthful glow. Not only do skin imperfections have a negative effect on our self-esteem, but they can also affect all aspects of life. Skin diseases are not only unattractive, they can often be unpleasant and painful. These two symptoms often go with anxiety and that can affect a person’s work performance and their social life as well.

Some people deal with periodic skin issues, while others are stuck with a problematic skin type that needs disciplined care. One of the most common skin conditions is dermatitis – if you didn’t have any experience with it so far, you should know that you’re in a fortunate small group of people.

So, if you’re reading this, you’re either diagnosed with this condition or you suspect that you have something similar. Either way, here’s everything you need to know about it and essential oils for dermatitis that are a very powerful ally in the process of eliminating it.

What Exactly Is Dermatitis?

This condition actually derives from skin inflammation. Dermatitis can appear in different forms and there are different types of it, but there are common characteristics that can define it. So, when you have dermatitis, you should experience itchy and red sensations, which will appear on your skin in red areas.

Types of Dermatitis

Types of Dermatitis treatable with essential oilsEczema or Atopic Dermatitis

The most common skin areas on which this form of dermatitis appears are flex parts, so if you have any red itchy areas on elbows, knees or around the neck which tend to release a fluid when scratched, you’re probably dealing with eczema.

Contact Dermatitis

When your skin gets in touch with an irritant or some kind of allergen, the most plausible skin condition that can appear is contact dermatitis. When your skin gets in contact with irritants like harsh soaps or detergents, for example, they physically damage it. On the other hand, when there’s an allergen like metal or rubber involved, your immune system comes into play and causes a visible skin reaction.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

This form of dermatitis appears on oily skin areas such as parts of the face, back or chest. Seborrheic dermatitis can be confused for a form of psoriasis because a scaly layer appears on the top. These itchy patches that peel are very persistent dandruff, which can be quite difficult to get rid of if not treated properly because this condition can stick around for a while.

Are Psoriasis and Dermatitis the Same Condition?

Although some of the symptoms are the same, these two conditions are not. Opposed to dermatitis, psoriasis also causes the skin to peel. Also, psoriasis has a tendency to spread out much faster – its skin cells multiply ten times faster than they usually would.

Because of skin inflammation, healthy cells that are a layer under die off promptly when they get in touch with the infected ones. Psoriasis is a condition that’s easily recognized because of the layer of white scales that appear in white-silver colors. Infected areas on the skin are itchy and overly sensitive, and in serious cases, they may bleed and even irritated parts of skin can grow together and merge over a certain period of time.

This condition can also affect toenails and fingernails, which can crumble and fall apart if not treated in time or in a way that’s not suitable. There are three types of psoriasis:

  • Guttate psoriasis

This type usually occurs in children or young adults. It manifests in small red areas that are mostly located on the torso and limbs. Most common causes for this type are connected to issues with the respiratory system.

  • Inverse psoriasis

Inverse psoriasis appears on the skin folds such as armpits, under the breasts and around the upper inner thighs. It’s followed by a shiny thin layer of scales on the upper layer.

  • Erythrodermic psoriasis

This is the most severe form of psoriasis and it can be caused by intense sunburns, various infections or even some medications. Skin areas affected by this type is red, very sensitive, and it sheds and peels, and it requires immediate care from a medical professional.

Best Essential Oils for Dermatitis

All of these skin issues do require a medical expert, so my sincere advice is to make an appointment and see your dermatologist. However, other than the prescription you get from your medical expert, you can also help with the healing process by treating the problematic skin areas with essential oils. The next eight oils are highly nutritious and a very mighty liquid to have in your home when fighting skin conditions in general, not only dermatitis and psoriasis.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil

This magnificent oil helps in your battle against skin conditions by boosting your immune system. It has powerful antibiotic and antifungal properties and it’s often used as the main ingredient in cleansers and soaps created by pharmaceutical companies that insist on natural ingredients.

  • Jojoba Essential Oil

Considering the fact that due to constant fight with allergens or irritants, your skin is in a constant effort to rid your body from outside attacks. Due to this process, it can lose a lot of its moisture, which makes the skin crack and makes the whole experience even more painful.

Jojoba essential oil is a powerful hydrant that will provide your skin with the moisture it so desperately needs. It also has anti-aging properties, so those cracks that appeared because of lack of hydration will be gone if you apply it regularly.

  • Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil is used to fight off this skin conditions for a very long time – it’s a well-known liquid used in traditional Asian medicine. Because of its many powerful properties, this oil is used for getting rid of eczema, dry skin areas as well as oily ones, dandruff, and dermatitis. An interesting fact is that it also works as an aphrodisiac.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil

Because of its antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities, using rosemary essential oil to fight dermatitis and psoriasis is widely recommended. This very gentle but also very efficient oil will make the itching go away and help your skin heal faster.

  • Lavender Essential Oil

Although lavender is primarily known for its use in aromatherapy, it’s healing qualities shouldn’t be neglected. Because of its subtle anti-inflammatory effect, skin areas affected by dermatitis or psoriasis will be calmed when lavender essential oil is applied.

Another benefit you should know about and that you will probably find quite helpful is sleep improvement – dealing with this condition is probably making you sleep deprived, and the serene scent of lavender oil will definitely help you get to sleep more easily.

  • Neem Essential Oil

This oil is very rich in Vitamin E which is exactly what your skin needs when going through issues like this which drain its moisture. Because neem essential oil has mighty oxidizing qualities, applying it on the affected areas will enable your skin to breathe and thus speed up the whole healing process.

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil

This magnificent essential oil has many amazing qualities – it’s antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal simultaneously among everything else. We went through all that happens to your skin when affected by these conditions, and this oil is exactly what it needs because it will help the skin fight off each issue.

  • Oregano Essential Oil

This isn’t a very familiar fact – oregano isn’t only a delicious spice, it has many healing properties which can come in handy when dealing with dermatitis and psoriasis. Because it kills bacteria and has an anti-inflammatory effect, applying layers of oregano essential oil to problematic skin areas will enable them to get rid of these two issues much faster. It will also reduce pain that you might be experiencing and thus allow you to feel more pleasant in your own skin.

Essential oils are amazing healers and other than enabling you to make unpleasant skin conditions disappear, they also have powerful anti-aging properties, which I’m sure you’ll be interested in. You should also make some room on your spice rack for these bottles filled with delicious liquid because they can enhance the taste of your meals as well.

It’s absolutely imperative that you see a medical expert whenever your skin manifests an unusual condition. In order to treat it properly and get rid of problematic areas as soon as possible, you need to know exactly what are you fighting against, and for that to happen you do need a professional dermatologist.

In addition to the prescription you receive, you should select an essential oil most suitable to the skin condition you’re diagnosed with and thus speed up the whole process. However, these oils are not just for treating skin problems – you can and should use them on a daily basis because they will make your skin youthful and healthy.

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