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Lavender Essential Oil Health Benefits

Lavender Essential Oil Health Benefits

Presently, lavender essential oil is one of the most used essential oils all around the world. Lavender essential oil has a distinct scent an amazing mix of fresh, floral, clean, and calm and it has numerous uses, in ancient times over 2500 years ago it was used for medicinal and religious purposes.

Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) is a simple, evergreen plant that yields bunches of beautiful, aromatic flowers. Lavender is native to northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean flourishes in sunny and stony environments.

Lavender was used by ancient Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Arabians, Phoenicians, and Egyptians used lavender for mummification purposes and as perfumes, Romans for bathing, cooking, and perfuming the air. In Medieval Europe it was dispersed all around the floor of the stone castles, it served as a natural deodorant and disinfectant. The Latin name for lavender is Lavare, the meaning of this is “to wash”, specifically because of its pleasant scent.

Lavender essential oil is obtained from flowers of the lavender (Lavandula anguatifolia) plant basically by steam distillation; it has been traditionally for producing perfumes.  Top-quality lavender essential oil possesses a floral, herbaceous, and somewhat woody scent, the color ranges from pale yellow to yellow-green. Lavender essential oil is also used in aromatherapy and in aromatic preparations and recipes.

What are the constituents of lavender essential oil?

Lavender essential oil has abundant esters, these are aromatic molecules that have antispasmodic, stimulating, and calming properties. The major constituents of lavender essential oil include: linalyl acetate, linalool, terpinen-4-ol, and camphor.

Cis-ocimene, lavandulyl acetate, 18-cineole, limonene, and geraniol are accountable for the antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of the lavender essential oil.

What are the benefits of lavender essential oil?

You might want to ask how useful is this essential oil? Lavender essential oil has a lot of health benefits, some of which include the following.

  • It serves as an effective pain relief

natural pain relief using lavender oilLavender essential oil is renowned for its pain relief property; it provides relief from different types of pain such as a backache, sprains, muscle aches, sore muscles, lumbago, and rheumatism.

Lavender essential oil helps to soothe the pain that emanates from minor bruises, burns, and cuts. Using lavender essential oil to massage regularly can help to relieve joint pain, also applying some drops of lavender essential oil on or around wounded skin helps to facilitate circulation and healing or you can add some drops of lavender essential oil to a bath of Epsom salt to help relieve pain.

  • It is good for controlling hair loss

Lavender essential oil is very beneficial to your hair; it is highly effective at treating hair loss because it’s a natural solution for insomnia, anxiety, stress, and depression which are common triggers of hair loss.

A regular massage with lavender essential oil helps in controlling hair loss and enhances the growth of your hair by stimulating the circulation of blood.

Studies have also discovered that when lavender essential oil is used with other herbs it helps to fight hair loss.

  • It helps with digestion

One of the most common problems presently is indigestion, it is responsible for abdominal pain, belching, vomiting and burning feeling in the stomach that causes peptic ulcers.

Lavender essential oil aids digestion because it boosts the movement of food inside the intestine. This helps to ease indigestion and lower acid-reflux; it enhances the stimulation of gastric juices and bile.

Lavender essential oil helps the body to digest fats by easing the lining of the digestive tract, thus it relieves constipation and gas. Taking lavender tea is an effective way to ease nervous intestinal disorders and indigestion.

  • It is beneficial in treatment of acne

lavender essential oil as a natural remedy for acneAcne could be quite embarrassing and difficult for young people passing through puberty but then adults have not left out also. Acne is typified by red, elevated sores on the face and body that occurs bacterial infection close to the sebum gland.

When the sebum glands cannot properly secret sebum, it starts to accumulate especially due to puberty. Bacteria starts to feed on this causing a cycle of noticeable sores, irritation, and infection, these visible sore can cause terrible scarring.

Lavender essential oil is one natural product you can depend on to get rid of acne, the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of lavender essential oil makes it potent in combating the bacteria that is responsible for acne. Lavender essential oil helps to control the excess secretion of sebum caused by alteration of hormones; this lowers signs of scarring after the acne starts to heal.

You can also a few drops of lavender essential oil to your body lotions, these increases its potential of providing relief.

  • It serves as a bug repellant

The scent of lavender essential oil is effective against many types of bugs such as mosquitoes, moths, and midges; this makes lavender essential oil a safer option than other conventional bug repellants. To ward off bugs and prevent been bitten, when outdoors you can apply some drops of lavender essential oil on your exposed skin.

Also if you happen to get bitten by a bug, the anti-inflammatory properties of lavender essential oil will help ease the pain and irritation that comes with it.

Another good measure is you can plant the lavender plant around openings around your house such as doors and windows; this will prevent bugs from gaining access to your home. To ward off bugs you can sprinkle some drops of lavender essential oil on your mattress.

  • It is a good sleep aid

lavender essential oil for a better goodnight sleepThis is one of the most popular uses of lavender essential oil; its ability to induce sleep has made it a usual recommendation for an alternative treatment for people with insomnia. Research has discovered that older patients have an increased regular sleep when lavender essential oil was used on their pillows in the stead of their regular sleep medication.

The soothing effect of lavender essential oil makes it effective enough to replace conventional sleep medications. A good way to harness this ability of lavender essential oil is to add a few drops of the essential oil to the evening bath of your baby or sprinkle some drops of the essential oil on your kids blanket for the same effect.

A great way to use lavender essential oil as a sleeping aid is to add a few drops to your favorite nighttime beverage.

  • It helps to check urine flow

The stimulating effect of lavender essential oil makes it effective for urinary disorders. It has a stimulating effect on the production of urine.

In addition to this, it helps in restoring hormonal balance and curb inflammation of the urinary bladder or cystitis. It also eases the cramps that come with this particular disorder.

  • It is used in treating alopecia areata

Lavender essential oil is known to be an effective treatment of hair loss especially for people who suffer from alopecia areata; alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition in which the body rejects its own hair follicles, it is typified by the loss of hair in patches.

Research has proven that victims of alopecia observed an increase in hair growth after they applied lavender essential oil on their scalps. Although it is a slow process it is proven to be effective.

  • It is useful in the treatment of dandruff

The use of lavender essential oil can be effective in getting rid of dandruff and treating dry itchy scalp.  Add about 15 drops of lavender essential oil with 2 tablespoons of almond or olive oil and warm the mixture for about 10 seconds.

Massage the warm mixture into your scalp then wear a shower cap, wash it off after an hour with a mild shampoo.

  • It helps in getting rid of hair lice

The antiseptic property of lavender essential oil makes it effective in relieving your scalp of lice, nits or lice eggs. When the lavender essential oil is massaged into the scalp it kills both lice and nit.

If you have issues with lice in your scalp, before washing your hair with shampoo massage some drops of lavender essential oil into your scalp for about 20 minutes.

  • It works as a good conditioner for your hair

Lavender essential oil can serve as a hair conditioner; you can add a few drops of the essential oil to water and use the mixture to rinse your hair.

Leave it for about 15 minutes, it would make your hair appear shimmering and it gives it a good scent.

  • It helps in treating depression and anxiety

The calming and sedative property of lavender essential oil makes it an excellent choice for treating anxiety and depression. Lavender has always been used in the past in herbal remedies that stimulate relaxation and cure anxiety.

The good thing about using lavender essential oil for anxiety and depression is that unlike conventional medications it has no side effects.

  • It’s a good cure for headaches

lavender essential oil benefits for headacheThe pain relieving property of lavender essential oil makes it potent in preventing the onsets of headaches and in providing relief from migraine headaches.

It enhances relaxation when massaged into different parts of your body. When massaged on the neck and forehead it helps to relieve head and neck tension. Lavender essential oil is known to cure different types of headaches such as gastric headaches, sinus headaches, tension headaches, nervous headaches, and migraines.

Studies have shown that patients who inhaled lavender essential oil for 15 minutes experienced a decreased magnitude of migraines.

  • It helps to relieve nausea

Lavender essential oil is potent in relieving the symptoms of nausea. To use lavender essential oil for nausea applies a drop of the essential oil on one end of your tongue, under your navel, or behind your ears.

  • It helps to reduce bloating

Bloating is caused by overgrown bad bacteria in the body. Lavender essential oil is a good remedy for this because it contains polyphenols that help in reducing bad bacteria in your bloodstream.

Lavender essential oil also deals with symptoms that come bloating such as irritable bowel syndrome.

  • It helps to detoxify the skin

Your skin is exposed to harmful environmental toxins and other pollutants a major part of the time, so it means the health of your skin is waning every day. However, lavender essential oil possesses powerful antioxidants that can combat the harmful effects of these toxins and pollutants on your skin.

  • It helps to boost the circulation of blood

Lavender essential oil is effective in improving the circulation of blood in your body; studies have shown that using lavender essential oil in aromatherapy has a positive effect on coronary circulation.

The resultant effect of increased blood circulation is enhanced muscle strength, glowing skin, and it reduces the possibility of heart attacks.

Is it safe to use lavender essential oil?

Is it safe to use lavender essential oil?It is a good, natural and healthy habit to incorporate essential oils into your lifestyle; however, there are a number of precautions to know when using lavender essential oil.

It’s safe for most adults to use diluted lavender essential oil, but this is not recommended for children. You should also know that using undiluted lavender essential oil on your skin can cause irritation. It is recommended you use it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil or you could also dilute it with water.

Lavender essential oil should never be used on the eyes and mucous membrane, in the event that this occurs, make sure to wash with water immediately.

Lavender essential oil can trigger allergic reactions in people who have a sensitive skin; it is advisable to a spot test before using the essential oil. Some others experience side effects with the use of lavender essential oil like nausea, headaches, vomiting, and chill.

The use of lavender essential oil is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, it can only be used under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Lavender essential oil can be used topically or it can be inhaled as a steam vapor. Dried lavender flowers can be used to make lavender tea as well. In conclusion, lavender essential oil has a lot of benefits to you across your health, skin, and hair.

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