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Everything You Need to Know About Peppermint Essential Oil and Its Benefits

peppermint essential oil health benefits for you

The peppermint plant is renowned for its rejuvenating properties and its use dates back to ancient times. It seems that even Egyptian civilizations back in 1000 BC relied on the plant as its leaves were found inside the pyramids.

Throughout time, this plant managed to build quite a name for itself mostly due to its versatility in the health department. However, before you start using peppermint oil to treat your aches, it would be wise to go through the article.

Here, we will go over peppermint essential oil benefits or peppermint oil uses, but also, we will point out how to use it properly in order to avoid potential negative side-effects.

Peppermint essential oil benefits

Peppermint essential oil
Peppermint essential oil

As mentioned, essential oil peppermint products have numerous uses and benefits and here are some of the most notable perks.

  • Indigestion

Peppermint oil can help you with digestion, and people tend to put a few drops in a glass of water that they drink after their meals. Since the oil is carminative, it can remove excess gas, help you with treating motion sickness, an upset stomach, and it can even help you if you want to boost your appetite.   

Basically, the oil can relax muscles of the GI tract, which is why it is often used as one of the components in “over-the-counter” medical products. However, it is worth mentioning that further research on peppermint oil needs to be done in order to explain exactly how it works with certainty.

  • Dental Care

Thanks to its antiseptic properties, peppermint oils is an effective dental care product as well, considering how it can eliminate bad breath, and help teeth and gums by fighting off germs. In other words, it should not surprise you if you see toothpaste with peppermint oil as one of the ingredients. Furthermore, inhaling oil vapor can be anti-inflammatory and help patients by alleviating their pain, thus it is added to a postoperative oxygen, used in oral surgery.

  • Nail care

Those who suffer from fungal nail infections can rely on peppermint essential oils to help them out. Since the condition can occur multiple times, you can apply the oil periodically and its antifungal properties will reduce the chances of infection.

  • Nausea, headache, and stress

This essential oil is used as one of the home remedies for headaches and nausea, as it can rapidly alleviate the pain if applied directly to the forehead. Also, we have mentioned how inhaling the oil can also be helpful, so if you are experiencing motion sickness, you can use this method of ingestion to reduce your discomfort. Once again, it is the anti-inflammatory property that helps you out in both of these cases, and it is also used to reduce the pain of migraines, which is really unbearable.

Additionally, the oil can provide relief from stress, depression, as well as mental exhaustion and anxiety. It stimulates mental activity by increasing focus and improving your efficiency during cognitive tasks.

  • Pain relief

The oil can be used externally as an effective pain relief. It is speculated that peppermint oil contains calcium channel blockers which, when applied to a certain area, can help the pain subside. It can also help with a fever since the oil is cooling in nature. Basically, you can apply it to any area in the event of injury to reduce swelling and mitigate the chances of uncomfortable inflammations. Considering how the oil itself has healing properties, it should help wounds heal faster.     

  • Immune system

Those who have a weak immune system can utilize the oil to help them boost their defenses. Peppermint essential oil can help anyone by boosting their immunity to various diseases. It was already mentioned how oil contains antifungal properties, but it also has antibacterial and antiviral properties, so it can be applied in different scenarios as a means of treatment.

The oil is composed of camphor, caracole, and menthol, and thus it allows you to develop resistance to certain bacterial strains like salmonella, staph infection, and E.coil. In order to ascertain the full range of bacterial resistance, future research will be necessary.

  • Respiratory system

Thanks to menthol that is abundantly present in this essential oil, it can be used to clear the respiratory tract. It can also provide instant relief for a variety of respiratory problems like nasal congestion, sinusitis, bronchitis, and asthma. People commonly use it for cold and cough treatment, as well as in numerous balms and cold rubs. In one study, peppermint oil was used to sooth trachea inflammation; however, it was tested on rats and, as mentioned, more human studies are needed in order to claim anything with certainty.  

  • Skin care

Menthol found within the oil is also good for your skin since it can create a cooling sensation, and it also nourishes the skin by improving its texture (the oil is especially useful for oily or greasy skin). Some even speculate that it can be used as part of the treatment for cancer and tuberculosis, but that can only be proven with future research. Nevertheless, the antiviral properties will surely reduce the chances of skin infection, so you can still use it for that.

  • Healthy hair growth

The cooling effect can also come in handy for hair care because it will feel nice on the surface of your scalp, as you allow the oil to work its magic and remove dandruff. Furthermore, if you are by any chance experiencing a lice problem, the oil can help you remove them as well.

The regenerative properties will help your scalp get rid of irritations and nurture it back to health. Using peppermint oil for hair can help those who are experiencing hair loss or who have weak hair since the oil stimulates hair growth.

  • Blood circulation

Lastly, by using these essential oil peppermint products, you can improve your blood circulation. This effect is achieved after the oil vapor gets in contact with olfactory nerve endings, which results in an increased pulse rate and better circulations. Oxygen is distributed throughout the body more effectively, thus improving your metabolism and blood circulation through your brain. With improved circulation, you will have natural protection against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • Peppermint essential oil ingestion

Everything discussed so far were indeed compelling arguments for peppermint oil ingestion, but it was also mentioned on multiple occasions that more studies are needed. The things we know for sure are that the oil itself is helpful and that it was used by our ancestors as an effective remedy for a number of aches and health issues.

It is important to proceed with caution and not to overdo it, especially if you use it for killing harmful bacteria. For starters, even though the oil kills harmful bacteria, it cannot be vouched that it won’t affect your helpful bacteria and create problems if you take too much. In other words, stick to the recommended dose.

What goes well with peppermint essential oils?

In order to improve your experience of peppermint oil ingestion, you can combine it with other essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, marjoram, and lemon. Again, if you plan to do this, you should consult an experienced aromatherapist and herbalist. It also blends well with Oregano, Cypress, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, and Juniper.  

Can you get a headache from using peppermint essential oil?

We live in a big world, and when it comes to things like peppermint oil, you are going to hear different opinions. In other words, anything that lacks thorough scientific research will be regarded by some as helpful and harmful by others.

So, even though we have mentioned how the oil helps with headaches, there are those who claim it can be a cause for a headache or migraines. The best way to deal with this difference in opinion is to try it for yourself.

Find essential oils for headaches and see if they work for you. There are no negative side-effects, simply stick to the same dose and use it as treatment. If it doesn’t work, don’t rely on it anymore. As mentioned, there is no solid background based on which we can vouch for a positive outcome, and as such, the positive and negative effects are purely individual.

So, these were the major benefits of peppermint essential oils. As you can see, these products are so popular for a reason, and they have been around for a long time due to their helpfulness. So, if you are experiencing some of the problems mentioned in the article, make sure you give these oils a shot.

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